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Computer Technology Center

Computer Technology...a Key to Freedom

For many who are blind or visually impaired, a computer and internet access means less isolation, greater resources for employment…and a convenient connection to a world of information, people and inspiration.

At ASB’s Computer Technology Center (CTC), clients learn how to navigate around the visual requirements of a monitor and keyboard through the use of special adaptive aids and software.

Once evaluated, clients can take advantage of our other five-week courses:


Basic Evaluation
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We make an assessment of basic computing skills in order to properly place a client in future classes. What’s covered:

  • What is Windows?
  • Learning the Keyboard
  • Starting the Computer
  • Using Menus
  • Using Text-to-Voice Software
  • Creating and Opening Documents
  • Using Assistive Technology Products


Introduction to Computers: Five Week Course (Back to top)

Clients learn more about navigating the computer; how to communicate what’s on the computer screen without visual cues; how to input and edit text, use menus and spellcheckers and more.

    * The Visual Layout of a Computer Screen
    * How to Select & Highlight Text
    * How to cut, copy, paste, delete and more
    * Menus and Toolbars
    * Dialog Boxes
    * Spellchecking


Intermediate Course (Back to top)

Clients with a good knowledge of computing can immerse themselves even further by taking our five-week Intermediate Course. Here is what we cover.

  • Reading the Printed Page With A Scanner
  • How to use OpenBook software
  • Exploring your Computer with Windows Explorer
  • How to Use the Recycle Bin
  • How to Find Documents on Your Computer
  • How to Get Answers to Questions
  • Spreadsheet Basics


Going Online (Back to top)

The internet is a world of possibilities for research, entertainment, social connection and so much more. Our course gives clients everything they need to enjoy everything the internet has to offer. Topics include:

  • What is the Internet?
  • How do I Get Online?
  • Email Essentials: Writing, Sending, Forwarding, Saving
  • Exploring the Web
  • Getting News and Info
  • Using Search Engines
  • Customizing JAWS for the Web


Gateway to Word Processing (Back to top)

A five-week course which gives the student the essentials of Microsoft Word. Here's what we'll cover.

  • Creating a Document
  • Formatting
  • Opening and Saving Documents
  • Checking for Grammar and Spelling
  • Using JAWS Software for Word
  • A Review of How to Cut/Copy/Paste
  • How to Print Documents
  • Adjusting Word for Screen Readers
  • Having Multiple Documents Open
  • Using Search and Replace
  • Using Microsoft Word Help


Gateway to Notetakers (Back to top)

Since 1987, the Freedom Scientific “Braille 'n Speak” has proven to be one of the most popular handheld devices designed for blind users. Since that time, Freedom Scientific has produced a whole series of notetakers, some with QWERTY keyboards and others with refreshable Braille displays. ASB's Computer Technology Center is equipped with a Braille 'n Speak and a Type 'n Speak Handheld, and we offer 5-week courses in their use. Owners of other similar devices are welcome to bring them in for training. What’s covered:

  • What is a Notetaker?
  • Creating Files
  • Adjusting the Voice
  • Reading and Writing
  • Using Menus
  • Inserting and Deleting
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Spellchecking
  • Formatting Commands
  • Using Clock and Calendar
  • Creating and Managing Contacts Lists
  • Using the Calculator
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