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Volunteer Maureen Cass Shares Her Love of Learning

Philadelphia, PA, Friday, October 28, 2011 — Maureen Cass of Philadelphia, PA, let her love of learning guide her to volunteering at Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB).  According to Maureen, it’s the best decision she could have made.  

Maureen worked in the Data Analysis and Computer Application Support fields for over twenty years before retiring to a life of volunteer work.  Maureen has been volunteering for over four years now.

Maureen started her life as a volunteer reading with children for the America Reads program.  She then went on to provide computer support for RSVP of Montgomery County.  It was through her association with the RSVP that the opportunity arose for Maureen to take part in an ASB sponsored braille transcribers class.    

Braille transcribers create literature in braille from their printed counterparts.  Computer programs such as Edgar and Micro Braille allow you to translate written words into braille.   

When asked about her reason for volunteering at ASB Maureen stated, “Being involved with Associated Services for the Blind and volunteering in the braille department helps increase sensitivity towards the visually impaired community.”    

After six months of training, Maureen had earned her certification.  No easy feat!  She began volunteering as a braille transcriber shortly after and has been with ASB for the past two years.  Maureen helps transcribe textbooks, student worksheets, books for the library and the online bookstore, menus and more.

Pat Johnson, CEO, stated “The tasks performed by ASB’s Braille Transcribers require both time and patience.  It takes someone special like Maureen, an avid reader herself, to commit her efforts in order to provide quality braille materials to individuals who would otherwise go without the enjoyment or the knowledge received from a printed publication that most of
us take for granted.”

In her spare time Maureen enjoys reading and attending local theater, and concerts right here in Center City.  When asked what volunteering for ASB has meant to her Maureen stated, “It really helps to keep me sharp, and allows me the opportunity to meet new and friendly people.” 

About ASB
With roots dating back to 1874, ASB has as its mission to promote self-esteem, independence, and self-determination in people who are blind or visually impaired. ASB provides a full spectrum of rehabilitation and life skills education from computer training to hands-on gardening, Latino outreach, and support groups. ASB also produces approximately 13 million pages of Braille per year. ASB is the largest non-profit organization in Southeastern Pennsylvania serving people who are blind and visually impaired. Visit us online at www.asb.org.


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