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That ALL may read...

That ALL may read...


Braille Division

ASB's Braille Division

ASB is proud to offer a complete, full-scale braille production department on-site at our Walnut Street headquarters in Philadelphia.

We house one of only four such facilities in the United States, where we have the capability to produce everything from a single document to hundreds of copies of books and magazines.

Our Braille Transcribers require Library of Congress Certification and spend a year in training. Additionally, computers and specialized software allow us to increase both speed and accuracy, so that in the past year alone we were able to braille and proofread over 75,000 pages, and press, collate and bind over 13,000,000 braille pages.

Our Braille Department consists of two services: Production Braille, which offers large-scale output, and Custom Braille, where we have the ability to braille everything from a single utility bill to school textbooks to restaurant menus.

ASB is dedicated to offering the highest level of quality in braille production.

Varghese Abraham working with Heidleburg presses  


Our full-scale facility accepts private contracts to set, press, proofread, collate and bind books and magazines that will eventually find their way to homes and libraries across the country. We braille fiction and non-fiction books and reference materials, and have also brailled a variety of magazines, including religious publications, quarterlies and newsletters.

For more information regarding Production Braille, contact Rick Forsythe.


ASB's Braille Division has the ability to produce small orders whenever necessary. This can include almost anything that's available in printed format. We've brailled single editions of novels and other books, school textbooks, individual bank statements, restaurant menus, hospital reports and records, museum guides, music and some foreign language transcriptions.

We're happy to provide cost quotes to anyone interested in custom braille.

For more information, or to request a cost-quote, contact Scott Schneider.


By law, most institutions are required to provide braille transcriptions of many printed materials to any blind or visually impaired individual who specifically requests brailled materials. These include, but are not limited to, such items as bank statements, utility bills, medical records, menus and museum guides. While we do not provide such transcriptions directly to individuals, we contract with the institutions that are required to provide them.

If you or someone you know requires a braille transcription, be sure to ask the issuing institution. You cannot be denied.

Further information regarding your rights can be found in the Chafee Amendment.

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