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DAISY Productions

ASB's DAISY Productions


The Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) program revolutionizes the reading experience for the blind community as well as users with reading disabilities by making printed materials more accessible and user friendly. This is accomplished by converting new and existing content into digitally formatted files that are easy to download and transfer onto specialized DAISY readers. DAISY converted books enable the reader to navigate from one section of a book to another while the content is read by a synthetic voice chosen by the reader. Depending on the device or software reader a person uses, the listener can change a number of options such as: the voice of the narrator, the pace or speed at which content is read, fonts / text can be changed or enlarged, foreground and background colors can be applied, specific words or phrases can be searched for and bookmarks can be added through an accessible user interface.

Here at ASB, we are currently in the process of converting our existing catalog of scanned books from our Braille Library Collection as well as any new materials we've received into a DAISY digital format. All produced materials, whether for purchase or freely accessible, are available only to registered members of our website who have provided us with proof of a visual impairment or reading disability. In order to comply with copyright laws, this site does not provide access to the general public.

Copyright DAISY books are ordered directly from our online bookstore and made available at a low cost of $5.99 per book. Once a purchase is completed, the DAISY books are made available for direct download. Our catalog is continually updated as more books are produced.

Note: Downloaded copyright materials may be encrypted and fingerprinted with signatures to identify the specific user or organization which has received content from us. This allows us to protect against any misuse of our content and to uphold copyright laws.



All of ASB's DAISY books are created with the use of Dolphin Ease Publisher Software and produced in a Daisy 2.02 Text Only Format. Files downloaded from our website are encrypted using the member's password, which is used to decrypt the data to an open format. This allows our content to be playable on a wider selection of playback devices and software which are compatible with a Daisy 2.02 Text Only book. Download a free public domain book as a sample to see if this format is compatible with your player.



To read a Daisy book, you must have access to a Daisy playback device or software reader that will support a Daisy 2.02 Text Only Book. Our DAISY books are playable only on players that include synthetic speech. If you do not already have software for reading DAISY books, you can download one of the free versions available at the following locations:

For Windows:

A free open source Daisy player is available at: http://www.daisy.org/amis/download

For Macintosh:

Olearia is a free open source Macintosh based DAISY player available at: http://www.cucat.org/projects/olearia/

Ordering Process

1. Locate a DAISY book you wish to purchase in the Online Bookstore.

2. Add the book(s) to your cart.

3. Checkout and download the book to your computer.

4. Unzip and copy to your DAISY Player.

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